Exceeding Expectations

The Laurel Way

At The Laurels of DeKalb, it is our mission to create a legacy by exceeding the needs and expectations of those we serve while embracing The Laurel Way. We understand that caring is more than providing excellent medical and guest services. It also includes being a companion and treating each guest with the utmost dignity, respect, and compassion.

"The Laurel Way of Caring" can be found in a warm smile, a kind word, or a comforting touch. We are passionate about our mission, and it is reflected in the letters we receive from guests and family members.


"I had a great stay, the service was very prompt and the Therapy department was excellent, they were so helpful and more than patient with all the residents."


"The nursing staff and therapists were first class and I was so glad they were there when I needed them."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Laurels.  The staff treated me like a King and I'm so grateful to your outstanding therapy department."

Mary M

"The staff are just wonderful, every one of them. They were so kind and helpful. I will be telling everyone how excellent this place is and I wouldn't hesitate to return."


There comes a time in life when the only really important thing for consideration is "Will my loved one be well cared for here?" We had toured several facilities, my wife and I, in preparation for that dreaded day. My wife, Joyce, Has that terrible disease of Alzheimer's, and the Laurels of Dekalb was our choice. I say our choice, for that although she was progerssing, as all do with this disease, she was part of the decision making. Before considering a facility we never made an appointment because there are care givers who would be certain "things were in place", if they knew a potential customer was coming to visit.

From our first exposure to the Laurel's it ranked way up there as far as cleanliness, friendly staff and resident room tidiness. We were met by the Administrator and as we were introduced to everyone from dietary to marketing, names were used for us as well as staff members. The smell of soiled clothing and/or to sleeping materials is a real turnoff for me. I have never lost sleep wondering if she is receiving the best care available, because I know in my heart of hearts that the Laurel's is the best of the best. I must say, in all my visits, only once did the smell strike me, and I have been there many, many times. An occasional accident is bound to happen, but for the smell to be prevalent and pervasive is not.

My wife, Joyce, receives better care than I could possibly provide. For consideration is around the clock nursing, administration of meds, monitoring, nutrition, hygiene and ambulation. The average person is unable to sustain any, let alone all of them, over time. I did it for over 6 years and let me say, "It took its toll".

The staff of the Laurel's has been more accommodating than could ever have been expected. To hear a RN or CNA say to a resident that they "love them" is more than just words. Think of how comforting this must be to one in the "memory care unit" who may have an occasional visitor. We do not know what those with dementia or Alzheimer's are able to process, but to see a smile come across their face is certainly rewarding to both the resident and to the caregiver.

How do you put thousands of thoughts into a few words is challenging, but I have done my best to convey by heartfelt thanks to God for guiding us to the Laurel's of DeKalb.


The Laurels of Dekalb was certainly the perfect choice for our parents. The entire team has been more than helpful, kind, caring, friendly, attentive and respectful. The transition into a nursing facility, especially during COVID, was handled wonderfully. The ease and care during that time was greatly appreciated. I would certainly recommend this facility and the great staff to anyone.


The staff and nurses are very helpful and professional. My father-in-law needed placed in a nursing home about the same time COVID hit. They went above and beyond in helping us through the process. They continually keep us informed and are polite when we call to check on him. I would highly recommend The Laurels of DeKalb.


My husband and I would highly recommend The Laurels based upon his recent stay there. The patient, efficient, compassionate and never condescending way he was treated and cared for was superb. The level of efficiency in assisting of his needs, including reliable transportation, physical therapy, occupation therapy, meals, cleaning and laundry services were first rate. Thank you to the excellent team and staff at The Laurels for making his stay a little easier.


I had a recent stay at this facility and everyone from housekeeping to maintenance to dietary to laundry to rehab services to complimentary transportation and finally to nursing services, was polite. They knew their responsibilities and were always responsive to resident needs. At first it was difficult being the patient as opposed to the caregiver, but I soon began to love the staff. Every nursing person worked for the comfort of the resident, but I felt the most "looked after" by Teresa, RN on day shift and Lisa, RN on night shift. They just inspired competency and comfort by their knowledge and calm personalities.


We would like to thank the staff at The Laurels of DeKalb for their treatment of our parents during their stay. Your group was quick to respond to all our questions, very attentive to our parents needs, and always willing to go the extra mile to insure our parents happiness. Our parents have been in other places for rehab in the past but we can say without hesitation that our parents enjoyed their stay with you the most and had no complaints at all during their stay.


At such a difficult time as transitioning a parent into a long term care facility, the staff at Laurels has been outstanding with their care for my mother. Feeling overwhelmed with questions, Brooke was there to provide answers and put me at ease. The nursing staff, aides and maintenance have all worked together to get my Mom settled. I am beyond pleased with her care, from daily phone calls talking with my mom, to her delight in the maintenance setting up her TV. Thank you to the entire staff of The Laurels of Dekalb for the care of my mother. Can't wait for Covid Restriction to be lifted and I can visit my Mom in person.


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